5 October, 2022

rootgrow – one application is all that is needed

Beat the cost of living in the garden - The low-cost product that will work wonders for your plants and soil and you only ever need one application One application…
4 October, 2022

Planting trees in autumn with mycorrhizal fungi

We all know just how beneficial trees are to the environment and for gardens they can provide much needed shade if your plot gets full sun and they provide a…
18 August, 2022

Feeding wild birds

Hearing the bird song while you’re in the garden on a warm sunny day is a heartwarming feeling most of us have experienced. Providing food for birds will not only…
15 June, 2022

Feeding Roses

The rose is the country's flower for good reason. Not only do they look stunning in any garden and provide beautiful blooms all season, but roses also date back almost…
11 May, 2022

Planting summer bedding plants with rootgrow™

Planting summer bedding plants will brighten up beds and borders, make your hanging baskets swing with colour and transform patios from pale to picturesque in no time at all. In…
10 May, 2022

Make wildflower seed bombs mindfully

Do you have a mini or large wildflower patch in your garden or allotment? If not, would you like to make one?  Did you know, that not only do wildflowers…
tips for feeding houseplants News
4 May, 2022

Feeding houseplants – top tips from Empathy

Let’s face it, although beautiful, houseplants are fussy and feeding houseplants can prove tricky. You’ve likely learnt this the hard way if you’ve forgotten to water one to see it…
7 April, 2022

Growing tomatoes with the Tomato Club

Growing tomatoes is so much fun and for the second year running are proud to be sponsoring the Tomato Club, a national sow and grow-along which inspires people who have…
7 April, 2022

Natural spring lawn care

Achieving a beautiful lawn naturally has never been easier, Empathy’s RHS endorsed fully biological lawn care range has everything you need for your spring lawn care regime covering sowing, repairing…
Balcony garden ideas News
3 March, 2022

Balcony garden ideas – Empathy products for growing in small spaces

There’s no need to clutter a balcony garden up with storage space, get your season started with some key products that are quick and easy to apply and that keep…
15 July, 2021

National Allotments Week 2021

The theme for the National Allotments Society’s annual week (9th-15th August) is ‘Plotting for the Future’, a theme that we can resonate with as all of our products are designed…
15 July, 2021

The best wildflower seeds – How wild is your garden?

If you want to rewild your garden then we have the best wildflower seeds to help you do so! Here in the UK we love a garden and even more…
13 July, 2021

Healthy soil healthy planet

The environmental benefits of gardens are vast; from pollinator supporting plants to CO2 soaking lawns which reduce water run-off to increase biodiversity.  As gardeners, we are already helping the environment…
7 May, 2021

Tomato Fever!

We are proud sponsors of the Tomato Club, the club's national sow and grow-along has got off to a brilliant start, inspiring people who have never grown their own toms…
7 May, 2021

Easy lawn care tips for supreme green turf

As the weather warms up everything starts to grow in abundance and lawns are no exception, read our quick and easy lawn care tips to get the best out of…
23 November, 2020

Mycorrhizal fungi – supporting plants for a lifetime

Mycorrhizal fungi has become a planting essential thanks to its incredible abilities to create a secondary root system, supporting plants and trees throughout their lifetime, helping them to grow stronger…