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Mycorrhizal fungi – supporting plants for a lifetime

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Mycorrhizal fungi has become a planting essential thanks to its incredible abilities to create a secondary root system, supporting plants and trees throughout their lifetime, helping them to grow stronger and healthier.

Once added at the point of planting our clever Rootgrow Mycorrhizal Fungi attaches itself to the plants’ roots and grows outward, searching for nutrients and water to feed them, helping to increase their tolerance to drought and adverse soil conditions.

The fungi provide long-term plant health as it has the ability to transport nutrients and water, reducing the need for chemical fertilisers. It also supports different growth stages of plants and, through its underground root network, these friendly fungi can connect with plants nearby and stimulate the plants’ own natural defence mechanism.

Endorsed by the Royal Horticultural Society rootgrow™ is used widely by RHS gardeners thanks to its ability to establish plants with greater vigour, produce better-developed root systems for more resilient plants. What the quick video below to exactly how it works.

Your top three MF questions answered!

How do I apply mycorrhizal fungi?

Empathy’s rootgrow Mycorrhizal Fungi is available as a granular additive which should be added to the planting hole when planting in both open soil and containers, ensure the roots of the plant come into contact with rootgrow, backfill and water as normal.

Rootgrow Gel has been specially developed for bare root plants and trees, simply add the solution to water and dip the roots before planting as normal.

When using MF with plant seeds simply sprinkle along the seed drill or add a pinch of granules just below the position of each seed or bulb. Cover with a small amount of soil and plant as usual.

Which plants benefit from mycorrhizal fungi?

The majority of trees, plants, shrubs and edibles can benefit from mycorrhizal fungi, for rhododendrons, azaleas, heathers, cranberries and blueberries use specially formulated rootgrow ericoid.

Can I apply mycorrhizal fungi after planting?

MF is best used at the point of planting, however established plants can still benefit. Use Empathy’s After Plant natural plant food, which combines mycorrhizal fungi and beneficial nutrients and microbes that help to release more nutrients in the soil over time.

Did you know…

We use rootgrow Mycorrhizal Fungi across our entire product range, creating quick and easy solutions for seasonal planting and growing. From super Starter products including, Basket Starter, Bulb Starter and Tomato Starter to bio-active granular feeds covering a range of different plants including roses, climbers, shrubs and evergreens. For healthy lawns the Supreme Green Lawn Care range will help existing or newly laid lawns to thrive, even our bestselling Mini Meadow Wild Flower Seed includes rootgrow to help the seeds get the best start possible.

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