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Natural spring lawn care

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Achieving a beautiful lawn naturally has never been easier, Empathy’s RHS endorsed fully biological lawn care range has everything you need for your spring lawn care regime covering sowing, repairing and feeding your lawn.

Our Supreme Green Lawn Care range was formulated and refined following years of research working with professional turf managers. With added rootgrow™ Mycorrhizal Fungi, which you can read all about over at this blog, the range works hard below ground to boost roots and increase the biology of the soil, reducing the need to use additional chemicals, supporting lawns for a lifetime.

Not your typical lawn seed

Create a high quality lawn the natural way, our Supreme Green Lawn Seed mix contains high quality seeds selected for their ability to establish quickly, plus the addition of rootgrow™ mycorrhizal fungi to support root growth and the supply of nutrients helping to produce a beautiful and durable lawn for everyday use naturally. It can be used to sow grass seed on an existing lawn or sow a new lawn.

The grasses establish very quickly and are chosen for their fast establishment, natural vitality and toughness producing a good-looking, hardwearing lawn able to cope with everyday family use.

Supreme Green Lawn Seed is available in three handy sizes: 500g, 1kg and our new 3kg pack.

How to seed a lawn

The best time to seed a new lawn is April – October. The seeds will need temperatures of 6 degrees Celsius in order to germinate and the ground will need to be kept moist, two important factors to keep in mind.

Here’s our step by step tips for sowing a new lawn

  1. Prepare the area to be sown by digging over thoroughly, removing all stones and weeds.
  2. Firm the area by treading and then raking in one direction, tread again and rake in the opposite direction until you have a firm seed bed.
  3. Sow the seed evenly at a rate of 35g/m2.
  4. Lightly rake over to cover the seed.
  5. Water area thoroughly, being careful not to wash away seed and soil.
  6. Keep area well watered until your new lawn is established.

How to renovate an existing lawn

  1. Mow the lawn shorter than normal – down to 15mm (1/2 inch).
  2. Scarify the area using a rake to remove moss and leaves. Aerate using a garden fork.
  3. Sow seed evenly at a rate of 25g/m2.
  4. Top dress using a soil and sand mixture, brushing in lightly.
  5. Water area thoroughly, being careful not to wash away seed and dressing.

Watch Alan Titchmarsh’s step by step on how to seed a lawn using our Supreme Green Lawn Seed.

Lawn patch repair

Another spring lawn care essential is a repair kit. Supreme Green Lawn Patch & Repair is designed to repair damaged areas of the lawn quickly and easily using a blend of grass seed, soil conditioner, coir and active biology, in the form of rootgrow™ mycorrhizal fungi.

Use between March and September on patches caused by pet urine, high traffic areas, shady spots such as underneath tree canopies and around children’s play areas. 

How to Patch a lawn

  1. Rake – Remove dead grass and thatch, loosen the soil and soak thoroughly prior to sowing
  2. Sow – Sprinkle four scoops (treats around 45cm diameter space) of Lawn Patch & Repair over a worn or bald patch of grass, apply a some treatment to the existing grass too so that repaired area blends well
  3. Water thoroughly using a fine spray nozzle so as not to dislodge the seeds. Continue to water regularly.

Supreme Green Lawn Patch & Repair can also be used as a lawn thickener.

Lawn feed

Supreme Green Lawn Feed & Improver with rootgrow™ Mycorrhizal Fungi is a highly effective natural lawn feed, containing active biology to improve your lawn health and appearance. It is quick and easy to use and can be applied using a spreader or sprinkled by hand between April and September. 

For established/establishing lawns use Supreme Green Lawn Feed   between March and October, this ready-to-use liquid concentrate will support healthy growth, plus it’s balanced range of nutrients including iron, ensure the fast greening up of lawns and help to increase resistance to drought and physical damage. 

Find out more about Supreme Green Lawn Care spring lawn care options and our Mini Meadow Wild Flower Seed Mix

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