SUPREME GREEN – Patch & Repair 3kg


Empathy SUPREME GREEN LAWN PATCH & REPAIR with rootgrowmycorrhizal fungi is suitable for repairing worn patches on established lawns.

The grasses establish very quickly and are chosen for their fast establishment, natural vitality and toughness producing a good-looking, hardwearing lawn able to cope with everyday family use.

This tub is enough to treat 45 patches

Sow from March to September

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How to use:

As a patch repair: Simply sprinkle 4 scoops evenly over your worn or bald patch of grass. Four scoops will treat a 45cm diameter area. The pack will treat approximately 45 patches. It’s a good idea to apply a little more to the surrounding lawn to help patches blend in with existing grass.

  1. Rake the area to remove dead grass, loosen soil and soak thoroughly prior to sowing.
  2. Scatter product evenly over bald areas.
  3. Water thoroughly using a fine spray nozzle, so as not to dislodge the seeds.
  4. Water regularly.

As a lawn thickener: Sprinkle 2-3 scoops per square metre of lawn ensuring even coverage. Treats up to 80m2.

Note: The soil conditioning granules will not dissolve so may remain visible until the grass has grown sufficiently to hide it. After a short time the granules will disappear into the soil surface.

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