Empathy SUPREME GREEN LAWN SEED with rootgrow mycorrhizal fungi is suitable for creating new lawns or for overseeding and repairing worn patches on established lawns.

The grasses establish very quickly and are chosen for their fast establishment, natural vitality and toughness producing a good-looking, hardwearing lawn able to cope with everyday family use.

One pack is enough to treat 20m2 as patch and repair and 14m2 as a new lawn.

Sow from March to September

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How to sow a new lawn:

1. Prepare the area to be sown by digging over thoroughly, removing all stones and weeds.

2. Firm the area by treading and then raking in one direction, tread again and rake in the opposite direction until you have a firm seed bed.

3. Sow the seed evenly at a rate of 35g/m2.

4. Lightly rake over to cover the seed.

5. Water area thoroughly, being careful not to wash away seed and soil.

6. Keep area well watered until your new lawn is established.

How to renovate an existing lawn:

1. Mow the lawn shorter than normal – down to 15mm (1/2 inch).

2. Scarify the area using a rake to remove moss and leaves. Aerate using a garden fork.

3. Sow seed evenly at a rate of 25g/m2.

4. Top dress using a soil and sand mixture, brushing in lightly.

5. Water area thoroughly, being careful not to wash away seed and dressing.

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