Bulb Starter with rootgrow 500g


From spring through to winter, bulbs offer all gardeners a wonderfull chance to brighten up their garden with a beautiful display  of colourand delicate flowers.

Bulb Starter with rootgrow mycorrhizal fungi is the perfect way to get the absolute best from your bulbs as it is biologically active and it has been designed to promote strong healthy plants that you can enjoy year after year.

One pack of Bulb Starter can treat up to 50 bulbs.

Shake well before use

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 Use 5-10g for small bulbs or corms, 10-20g for large bulbs or tubers. (One palm full is approximately 10g)

Place Bulb Starter into the base of the planting hole, backfill and water

Planting Advice

Follow the planting guidelines supplied with your bulbs, corms or tubers. Generally, bulbs are planted two or three times their own depth into the soil with the bulb head facing upwards, ensuring there are no air gaps near the bulb.


Not all bulbs overwinter well in the ground and some summer flowering bulbs, for example Dahlias should ideally be removed and stored in a dry frost free place over the winter months.

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