Tomato Starter 6 Biscuits


    Tomato  Starter 6 biscuits contain 5 active components for better tomatoes.

    The product contains rootgrow™ mycorrhizal fungi, beneficial bacteria, up to 4 months nutrients, water-retaining crystals and bioadditives

    Compost blends used in grow bags do not always contain the complex biology of garden soils that support the efficient transfer of nutrients and water to tomato plants. Using a few Tomato Starter biscuits whilst planting is the better way to get the best from your tomatoes, salads and vegetables.

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    Outers per Pallet: 100

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    Application Rates

    Pot Size (L)     No. of Biscuits

    Up to 3L                           1 biscuit

    Over  3L                      1 biscuit per 4L of compost

    Grow bags                    1 biscuit per young plant

    Vegetable patch           1 biscuit per young plant

    Additional information

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    Dimensions 20 x 14 x 7 cm