AFTER PLANT Orchid Pump & Feed 500ml


Empathy After Plant Orchid Pump & Feed

Empathy After Plant Orchid Pump and Feed is a 100% organic (OF&G registered) ready to use biostimulant. Formulated to provide the right amount of nutrition to stimulate flowering without the risk of overfeeding. The feed stimulates growth naturally containing a blend of seaweed and plant derived amino acids to support both plants and soil biology. Simply pump directly onto the soil or into the saucer and water as usual after application. For best results apply regularly throughout active growing season.

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Directions for use:

Direct application: Apply 1 pump TWICE per week when in flower.

Watering can application: 4 pumps per 1L of water.

How to use:

Pump directly onto the soil or into the saucer.

Water as usual after application

Watch your plants thrive

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