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A natural surge in Grow Your Own

By 13 July, 2020 No Comments

With lockdown putting our usual day-to-day activities on hold, it appears to have cultivated an even greater appreciation for gardening in the UK and more specifically Grow Your Own.

At the start of lockdown we created a series of themed kits containing products that were and still are available online at dobbies.co.uk covering a series of gardening tasks including lawn care, edibles, roses, trees and more to ensure our customers still had access to their favourite Empathy products whilst the garden centres were closed.

Our Grow Your Starter Pack has, so far been our bestseller, which is no surprise as we’ve being enjoying seeing social media updates from brand new gardeners who have been busy sowing seeds and nurturing their new found hobby for GYO, plus The National Allotments Society told us that early indications show that demand for allotments has increased by 40% and is continuing to rise*.

We spoke to Dobbies’ horticultural director, Marcus Eyles to get his take on the growing trend for GYO, he says Dobbies has seen significant interest in Grow Your Own products as a whole, with more customers looking to become more self-sufficient by growing herbs, fruit and vegetables at home compared to previous years. He believes that this is just the start too; “Those who have taken up GYO will notice a big difference in the taste of their produce and will get a buzz from creating dishes from fruits, vegetables and herbs they have grown themselves – helping to inspire a long term interest.”

What’s in the pack?

Our Grow Your Own products are natural alternatives to chemical feeds and support products, they work biologically to seed the soil with all the friendly mycorrhizal fungi and good bacterial elements that will nurture and feed plants to produce healthy growth and tasty crops.

Tomato Starter

Use our versatile Tomato Starter biscuits for tomatoes, chillis, aubergines, salads and more. Simply place biscuit under each new plant and leave it to do its thing, the blend of mycorrhizal fungi, beneficial bacteria, up to four months of nutrients, water retaining crystals and bioadditives will help to give your plants the best start possible.

After Plant Feeds

Give your edibles an extra beneficial boost with our After Plant Tomato and Grow Your Own Liquid Feeds, both biostimulant liquids have been specifically formulated for edibles and are rich in amino acids, sustainably harvested seaweed and nutrients to promote strong, healthy growth to produce bumper crops naturally.

Free RHS Bird Feed

Each Empathy Grow Your Own Starter pack includes a free packet of RHS Bird Seed which will help to attract a wide variety of birds to your garden. You could receive our Complete Seed Mix, High Energy Nyjer Seeds, High Protein Meal Worms of Black Sunflower Seeds.

All of the products included in the Grow Your Own Starter Pack are available to buy individually at dobbies.co.uk.

* The information from the National Allotments Society is preliminary and based on a small survey of 150 councils and is not final at this stage.
120% rise in Stoke – https://www.stokesentinel.co.uk/news/stoke-on-trent-news/supermarket-shortages-lead-spike-requests-4025354
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