AFTER PLANT TOMATO FEED Liquid Concentrate with biostimulant is a high potash liquid concentrate containing seaweed extract plant derived amino acids and other nutrients specifically formulated to benefit tomatoes and greenhouse plants.

Regular use of the AFTER PLANT TOMATO FEED will promote strong, healthy growth producing bumper crops in all growing media.

Use as a root drench on tomatoes, also suitable for peppers, cucumbers and other greenhouse edibles.

AFTER PLANT liquids are designed to complement our range of AFTER PLANT granular feeds.

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Directions for use:

Watering can equal to 4.5L (one gallon). 1 capful is approx 10ml.

Shake well before use. Measure the required amount of liquid, add to water and stir well. Apply using a watering can or hose-end dilutor.


Indoor greenhouse tomatoes

Outdoor in soil tomatoes

Grow bag tomatoes

Dilution to Water

2 capfuls in 4.5L

4 capfuls in 4.5L

4 capfuls in 4.5L


Apply as root drench 2-3 times per week

Apply as root drench every 7 -10 days

Apply as root drench every 7 -10 days

Increase the concentration when 2nd truss has set

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