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When to plant spring bulbs

By 30 September, 2020 No Comments

It may feel a little early to start talking about next spring and summer! But if you want to include some beautiful spring flowering bulbs in your garden now is the time to start thinking about planting them.

From spring through to winter, bulbs offer a wonderful chance to brighten up the garden with a beautiful display of colourful and delicate flowers. Now is the best time to plant spring flowering varieties such as daffodils, crocus and hyacinths. You can also set summer bloomers such as lilies and alliums now too – all of these varieties prefer to be planted in cool soil, dahlias, which also flower in summer prefer warmer soil so hold back on planting them until next spring.

Bulbs to plant between now and the end of October

  • Daffodils
  • Crocus
  • Tulips
  • Hyacinths
  • Dwarf irises
  • Alliums
  • Crocosmia

To give your bulbs the best possible start use Bulb Starter with rootgrow Mycorrhizal Fungi. Just one 500g pack is enough to treat up to 50 bulbs, corms or tubers and will ensure they only get the best start possible once planted whether you are planting spring bulb in the soil or containers.

BRAND NEW! We have just introduced a new 250g Bulb Starter with rootgrow pack which includes enough formula for 25 bulbs.

Empathy Bulb Starter is accredited by the RHS is biologically active and its combination of mycorrhizal fungi and natural humate helps to build a healthy root system and soil and provides continued support for the lifetime of the plant. It can be used throughout the year so you’re cover for both autumn and spring planting.

How to use Bulb Starter

Use around 5-10g of the product and place in the base of the planting hole following the planting guidelines supplied with your bulbs – generally bulbs are planted two or three times their own depth into the soil with the bulb head facing upwards. Back fill the hole with soil and leave the bulbs to do their thing.

For more helpful bulb planting information head to RHS website by clicking here.

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