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Annabelle’s Garden therapy site opens its plots

By 10 August, 2020 No Comments

Plot holders have now begun using the very first Life at No.27 garden therapy site based in Northampton.

The garden, which is based at the Bell Plantation Garden Centre in Towcester, is home to a series of plots specifically for adults of all ages who are struggling with low confidence, isolation and mental health illness. The individual allotments are designed to help and empower those on site, by providing the space and the tools needed to garden and grow.

We have sponsored Life at No.27, working closely with its founder, Annabelle Padwick, for two years and are delighted that the initiative has welcomed its first three plot holders.

Those who use the site have either been referred via local mental health support services, GP’s or have requested a plot directly. Each allotment holder receives weekly support and guidance from Annabelle, who is a wellbeing therapist and professional gardener.

On the opening of the first Life at no.27 adult therapy allotment, Annabelle said: “It is such an incredible feeling! What really made it a dream come true though was welcoming the first plot holders, giving them the opportunity to choose their own plots and start to get their hands in the soil. Creating their own space and safe, peaceful place that they can come be, sit and grow no matter how they are feeling. I can’t thank the plot holders, volunteers, sponsors and GP’s enough for their support.”

The team here at Empathy decided to get involved in the initiative because, like Annabelle, we understand the benefits that gardening can have on our health and wellbeing. Life at No.27 has the ability to put these benefits into action to help people who may not want to use medicine or conventional counselling, or want to try something more practical and empowering at the same time.

During lockdown we experienced a huge surge in sales of Grow Your Own Gardening Pack and products, this combined with the feedback we received from customers highlighted just how important gardening is in helping to de-stress and provide a fantastic form of escapism.

Annabelle’s top Empathy products

Rootgrow™ Mycorrhizal Fungi

“I use rootgrow™ whenever I’m planting anything new, either in open soil here at the therapy site, or in my containers at home on the barge, it makes a huge difference to the overall health of my plants.”

After Plant Feeds

“I grow a lot of vegetables and they really benefit from regular feeding, the After Plant Feeds include seaweed and loads of natural and beneficial nutrients which help to produce some great tasting fruit and veg.

Mini Meadow

“The Mini Meadow Seed Mix was the very first thing I planted at the therapy site two years ago and this year it has bloomed once again, with zero maintenance, which is just fantastic!

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