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After Plant Rose Food is specifically formulated for roses, containing essential nutrients, biologically active mycorrhizal fungi and beneficial bacteria that help to build soil fertility to support healthy growth and improve flowering

The nutrients in Empathy After Plant Rose Food have been scientifically selected and balanced to support the natural symbiosis between the treated plant rootgrow mycorrhizal fungi and essential soil bacteria.

The product is a dry granule formulation and is ideal as an early season treatment at the first signs of growth, following the first flush and throughout the growing season.

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 Empathy After Plant RoseFood is ideal for your roses.

Use 1-2 handfuls (25-50g) per rose bush apply evenly around the base, working gently into the topsoil and water well.

Apply in spring at the first sign of new growth. Apply a second feed in summer after the first flush of flowers. empathy After Plant rose Food should be used within one year from opening.

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