High Energy Suet Nibbles – Berry Flavour 1kg


RHS HIGH ENERGY SUET NIBBLES has been specially formulated to attract a wide variety of birds to your garden.

Rich in suet these suet nibbles are a high energy feed that will particularly appeal to keen gardeners as it includes non-germinating components.

Feed The suet nibbles all year round but particularly in the winter and the spring when parents work hard to feed their fledglings.

Feed daily to attract and help support as many wild birds as possible.

With wild bird food resources becoming less abundant, it is increasingly important to help wild birds all year round by feeding this and other natural RHS wild bird feeds.

Once you have started feeding your feathered friends keep feeding them on a daily basis so that they thrive.

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Ideally sprinkle RHS HIGH ENERGY SUET NIBBLES on a bird table. Make sure the table is located in a safe and sheltered spot away from bushes and potential predators. Place in a visible location so you can enjoy feeding time too. Clean bird tables and feeders on a regular basis to prevent the spread of diseases. Use warm water and a suitable cleaning product. Rinse thoroughly after cleaning. Prevent the build-up of old feed and droppings in and around the feeding area and don’t forget to wash your hands after handling bird tables, feeders and bird food.

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