Rose Planting Pack


  • rootgrow 360g x 1
  • After Plant Rose feed x 2
  • After Plant Rose Feed liquid Concentrate x 1
  • Complimentary RHS Bird Feed Product*

* Please note image is for illustration purposes only. A random selection from the RHS bird range will be included in your package.

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Roses are some of the most popular garden plants and now it is possible to grow some of the healthiest and most terrific and florific roses, chemical free.

When planting a Rose always use rootgrow mycorrhizal fungi, as recommended by all UK Rose growers. Roses do need a lot of feeding so apply rose after plant into the backfill of the planting hole and a handful every month or so in the first year, if you can find good quality manure ideally also mulch the rose with this.

After Plant Rose feed contains an entire range of sustainable plant nutrients and more importantly soil additives that help to make your soil work more effectively to help to sustain your Rose. Many elements of After Plant Rose feed come from natural sources such as the Alfalfa and Comfrey for Nitrogen and Potassium, sustainably harvested seaweed meal for all trace elements.

As the season progresses an easy to use liquid feed that can be simply watered on (don’t water the blooms) all over the foliage and soaking the roots will produce the best roses you have ever seen, a carefully formulated blend of sustainable nutrients, seaweed and amino acids.

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