Tree & Shrub Planting Pack


  • rootgrow 360g x 1
  • After Plant Trees and Shrub 1st year feed x 2
  • After Plant All Purpose liquid Concentrate x 1
  • Complimentary RHS Bird Feed Product*

* Please note image is for illustration purposes only. A random selection from the RHS bird range will be included in your package.

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When planting trees and expensive shrubs the best possible start that you can give them is using rootgrow mycorrhizal fungi, these fungi in a matter of weeks extend into the soil and give the plants access to all the nutrients a plant could need. I will let you into a secret, most garden soils (apart from very sandy soils) have most of the nutrients a plant really need they just need a little help in collecting them.

As an added bonus After Plant All Purpose liquid Concentrate will further enhance establishment, the seaweed in after plant is a sustainably produced, professional grade product (not normally available to an amateur gardener) that stimulates root growth and makes the friendly fungi in rootgrow grow even effective.

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