The Get Kids Gardening Pack


  • rootgrow 150g
  • Tomato Starter (each pack treats 2 x grow bags or 6 tomato plants)
  • After Plant Tomato Feed 1L
  • Basket Starter (treats 4 x hanging baskets)
  • After Plant Basket and Patio feed 1L
  • Mini Meadow
  • Complimentary RHS Bird Feed Product*

* Please note image is for illustration purposes only. A random selection from the RHS bird range will be included in your package.

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Children are becoming increasingly aware of the environment and learning how to garden can help them with understanding how the natural world works. It can also show them how through their own positive actions they can nurture seeds to become plants to become flowers, fruit and vegetables and many new studies into this area appear to show this has a positive effect on their mental health and well-being.

The Empathy ‘Get kids Gardening Pack’ contains easy to use, safe, natural plant foods and seeds. All products are licensed by the Royal Horticultural Society and this should reassure parents that these products are effective and safe.

Every time you plant a plant the friendly fungi in rootgrow will ensure the plant thrives, rootgrow is a mycorrhizal fungi that will partner with the plant enabling the plant to take up water and nutrients through its secondary fungal root system, good establishment of plants is particularly important for young children as they can get despondent if their plant does not survive.

Two key plant groups which are ideal for children’s gardening are tomatoes and bedding plants, Empathy have provided a two step process.

Firstly you start off the plants with our Starter Biscuits, each biscuit contains a range of natural products that will ensure the plant gets off to the best start possible. The biscuits are large enough for little hands to handle so allow the children to get actively involved.

Following on there are two liquid plant foods for Tomatoes and Bedding plants that although require adult supervision to make up, they are quite safe for children to water onto plants and as they are based around seaweed extract.

Mini Meadow is a beautiful wild flower mix that contains over 16 species of UK native wild flower, although this takes a little longer to grow compared to tomatoes and bedding plants it will attract a wide variety of beneficial insects and pollinators which can be a delight to children as you can explain how they benefit plants in their own unique ways.

Finally a free packet of bird seed will attract our feathered friends into your garden.

Caring for the caring gardener

  • All products have been handled with gloved hands
  • All operatives use alcohol hand sanitizer on a hourly basis
  • Our dispatch partners will not require you to sign for these items

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