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Rootgrow Professional - 10ltr (9kg)
Rootgrow Professional - 10ltr (9kg)
Product Code: 1000
Price: £168.00
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Rootgrow Professional

Suitable for Garden Designers, Landscapers and private individuals with large gardens or planting projects. Enough to treat 400x2Litre pots or 2000-3000 bare root whips.


All rootgrow Professional products can be used as a dry granule or a root dipping gel for bare root plants.

For Professional customers please contact PlantWorks for trade discounts.

Comes with a handy 25ml measuring scoop and gel powder sachet.

Price includes VAT.



How to use rootgrowTMprofessional:

Dry Granule Application:

Plants up 30L or 12-14 girth:

1. Sprinkle the granules evenly, at the recommended dosage, directly into the prepared planting hole or pit.

2. Place the plant directly onto the granules so that the rootzone comes into contacr with the granules. (if the rootzone is moist it helps to manually apply some of the granules to the rootzone wall)

Large plants over 30L or 12-14 girth:

1. Apply during backfill.

2. When you have backfilled halfway from the soil surface scrape out roots from around the side of walls of the rootzone  and sprinkle granules against the rootzone or as close as possible all the way round.


Gel Solution

2 sachets to mix with 60-80L of water

The desired consistency will depend on the root density of the plant species used. The appearance of the solution, when mixed, should be similar to wallpaper paste. For more dense or fibrous roots the solution should be thinner.

Add the rootgrow granules when the desired consistency is met and stir well.

We recommend dipping 25 whips per dip to ensure even coverage.

Use mixed gel dip within 2 days and do not allow to freeze.

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