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Season - Winter

‘How to use rootgrow in the 4 seasons’

Although winter can be a down time for many gardeners in recent years we have experienced Indian Summers and Early springs. This can extend the planting season, as a general rule it is safe to plant or move most plants as long as they are not in leaf (except evergreens) and as long as the ground is not frozen solid. It is very important to use rootgrow in these situations as the friendly fungi will grow at lower temperatures more readily than the plants woody root, this can give your plants a head start.

If you are planting during the winter it is very important to use rootgrow on all plants as the fungi will begin to grow as soon as temperatures allow. Fungi can grow at lower temperatures than plant roots so while the plant is barely growing the fungi will be and this increases the plants root area so come spring your plants are ready to explode into life.

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