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Season - Summer

‘How to use rootgrow in the 4 seasons’

In some years it is almost June before all fear of frost has gone and it is safe to plant out tender bedding plants, rootgrow ensures summer bedding plants get off to the best start possible. Also an early watering of rootgrow empathy multipurpose seaweed will stimulate bedding plants into putting down strong roots.

Traditionally summer is not the time to plant plants, however thanks to stunning displays in garden centres I am sure many keen gardeners cannot resist buying the occasional plant on impulse to fill in a gap or just for the joy of finding a new variety. Establishing plants in the summer can be tricky and rootgrow can help to ensure good establishment, along with plenty of mulch, compost and watering.

As your fruit and vegetables swell under the summer sun now is also the time to apply the rootgrow Empathy seaweed stimulants and fertilisers at full application rates, the bigger the plant the more feed it requires.Plants treated with rootgrow mycorrhizal fungi will also be less prone to drought as the fungi explore a much larger area of soil than the plants own roots, finding water deeper in the soil. Mycorrhizal fungi also secrete a sticky glue called Glomalin into the soil which actually holds onto moisture.

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