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Garden Designer

For many years now RGP has been commonly used by Garden Designers to ensure good plant establishment and fulfil their client’s desires to create more sustainable gardens.

When an entire planting scheme is treated with mycorrhizal fungi these fungi will enable plants to thrive and support one another through the common fungal root, even under difficult soil conditions. Using RGP on new rose gardens overcomes the problems of rose replant syndrome eliminating the need to replace topsoil.

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rootgrow™ Professional UK origin mycorrhizal fungi (RGP)

At PlantWorks we are not just a re-seller of products, we cultivate, produce, process and package all our mycorrhizal inoculum to exacting standards at our facility in Kent. We remain the only producer of mycorrhizal fungi n the UK with a team of dedicated professionals in mycology.

PlantWorks can offer a comprehensive support package to all professionals. Please contact us using the link below for further information on how RGP could benefit, your plants and your business.

Bulk order discounts are available for RGP on request, please contact us for further information.


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