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Amenity and Professional Turf Management

Greenkeepers and Turf Managers face increasing restrictions on the use of chemical and synthetic fertilisers. Mycorrhizal fungi is one of the few biological treatments that has rapidly become a viable solution to these problems.

Rootgrow is environmentally sound and eco-friendly as well as being cost effective and sustainable.

At PlantWorks we have developed a unique product that contains our highly effective mycorrhizal fungi with carefully selected blend of natural bio stimulants and fertilisers. Rootgrow Turf is suitable for all aspects of turf care including; sowing, turfing, top dressing, hydroseeding and even green roofing.

Good mycorrhizal colonisation in turf will confer many benefits some of the key advantages of treatment are listed below.

  • Improved rooting, growth, vitality, density and tillering
  • Can significantly reduce the need of irrigation and chemical fertilization by up to 60%
  • Helps protect turf from drought and snow mould
  • Increases resistance to erosion, maintains surface stability on slopes
  • Improves drainage at the same time as reducing leaching

PlantWorks can provide bulk mycorrhizal fungi products for OEM manufacturers and suppliers.

rootgrow™ Professional UK origin mycorrhizal fungi (RGP)

At PlantWorks we are not just a re-seller of products, we cultivate, produce, process and package all our mycorrhizal inoculum to exacting standards at our facility in Kent. We remain the only producer of mycorrhizal fungi n the UK with a team of dedicated professionals in mycology.

PlantWorks can offer a comprehensive support package to all professionals. Please contact us using the link below for further information on how RGP could benefit, your plants and your business.

Bulk order discounts are available for RGP on request, please contact us for further information.


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