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Licensing Zone

The mass application of mycorrhizal fungi, as a means to reduce both fertiliser and pesticide inputs, is a well proven technology.

PlantWorks has pioneered the international licensing of manufacturing know-how and equipment for the production of mycorrhizal fungi as a means to increase the economic viability of the mass application of mycorrhizal fungi in horticulture and agriculture.

PlantWorks annually supplies starting cultures, from its UK facilities, to seed an 'in country' Mycorrhizal Fungi Production Facility (MFPF), for any grower in almost any country. Managed under stringent Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), with remote testing at every stage of growing and production, by the PlantWorks laboratories, these remote production sites are able to be established with minimum cost in most countries in the world.

PlantWorks has active licensed operations in Africa and the Middle East operated by companies servicing both their internal growing demands for: tea, flowers and vegetables and offering products for the third party sales. PlantWorks' engineers are able to advise on all infrastructure requirements for production, as well as the supply of bespoke processing machinery. PlantWorks' mycologists are able to profile, isolate and produce the cultures that are best suited to support growing plants in the target environment and advise on the most suitable growing substrates required for the production of consistently high quality inoculum.

Operating a licensed MFPF offers the opportunity to manufacture mycorrhizal fungi inoculum on a large scale cheaply, without the need to employ highly trained staff. Typical licensed production operations can produce 100,000 litres of high grade inoculum a year. If you are interested in exploring the merits of establishing a domestic production facility please contact us directly on +44 (0)1795 411527 or email us using the Register Your Interest button.

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